The Ultimate Guide to Hair Jewelry


Hair jewelry is trending, and here is guide to help you cope up with the latest vogue! What else do you know about hair jewelry besides a couple of elastics or a twisty towel? It’s high time to upgrade your knowledge about hair accessories when all trendsetters are already stocking up extraordinary … Read more

Should You Buy Jewelry At An Auction?

Should You Buy Jewelry At An Auction

For an average customer, it may not be a routine experience to buy fine jewelry. A majority of you may head towards the shopping mall or a brand retailer to buy a solitaire ring, beautiful gold necklace or a high-end watch. However, it’s not necessary that the familiar names of brands or … Read more

Tips for Insuring Your Jewelry

golden and silver beaded bracelets

From when you say yes, to the times you decide to add a sparkly new addition to your accessories, significant responsibilities rest on your shoulder.  That jewelry at your home is one of the most valuable assets in your possession. So, it is essential to have your jewelry protected from accidents and … Read more

The Most Famous Rings Ever Worn

The Most Famous Rings Ever Worn

Celebrities have the power to make anything famous, either it’s about introducing a new fashion trend or a bling ring. Admit it or not, while choosing an engagement or wedding band; everyone looks up to famous rings ever worn in order to get inspiration and ideas. The specialty about those rings is … Read more

Tips for Getting Your Jewelry Engraved

Image of a gold necklace on a mirror with white background and a flower

Jewelry engraving is a lovely way to personalize your accessories and make them more remarkable. Whether it is a promise, engagement, or wedding ring, gift for your loved ones, or a treat to yourself, engraving is a thing one can love and regret in an instant. It is all about if you … Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Organized

Close-up picture shot of a rose gold ring and chain

Finding a stylish and trendy solution to organize your personal favorites always seems like a hassle. Luckily, it is not that hard. From wanting to keep your chains tarnish-free and non-tangled to keeping the gems on display and sorting things out, there is a lot you can do to keep your jewelry … Read more

Tips for Keeping Jewelry Safe While Traveling

Tips for Keeping Jewelry Safe While Traveling

Holiday season is just around the corner, and a lot of you might have already booked your traveling tickets either for a much-deserved vacation or to visit a family member. While preparing for a trip, the last thing you would like to be worried about is losing your valuables, especially expensive jewelry … Read more

For people of this age, the best online slots


If you like online gambling and seek out one and a terrific online playing internet site, it allows first to get to know each different that online slots are based totally on Wikipedia. What is a loose encyclopedia online place? It is suggested that you pick out to apply for membership with … Read more

Wedding Ring Finger – Everything that you are

Wedding Ring Finger – Everything that you are searching for

Wedding rings are the part of the ceremony for centuries. It is a sign of relation, love, and care. Different traditions have different wedding ring finger anyhow, majority of the today’s culture follows the same tradition. In this article, you will know all about wedding ring fingers as well as some other … Read more

Types of Metals Used in Making Jewelry

Gold is one of the most preferred metals used in jewelry.

For thousands of years, jewelry has played a vital part in our lives as it was the first form of artistic self-expression known to mankind. Back in the day, the main purpose of jewels was to symbolize the wearer’s personal and social status while enhancing their natural beauty.  In today’s world, jewelry … Read more