What are the Different Type of Diamond Cuts?

Diamond is one of the most sought-after gems and it comes with different cuts. A diamond cut is the symmetry, proportioning, and polish of a diamond. It affects the brilliance of the diamond, therefore, if it is cut poorly, it will be less luminous. A diamond cut has a symmetrical arrangement of … Read more

Introduction to Italian Charms

Charm bracelets are jewelry pieces which carry personal charms and pendants. These charms usually signify important things or have a specific meaning about the wearer’s life. Wearing a charm bracelet has been a trend especially for women. These bracelets are very fashionable, and they can reflect the wearer’s personality or mood, as well. … Read more

What are the Major Kinds of Jewelry?

What are the Major Kinds of Jewelry

Matching jewelry with our attire has long been a habit for most people. Whether we are going to work, attending parties, or even just staying at home, we nearly always wear one or two pieces of jewelry, if not more. This isn’t limited to women, as many men also like to wear … Read more